Grasping at recovery

It was the springtime of 1984 and I was impulsively headed to Tennessee in a station wagon full of strangers. At the time I was emotionally lost, and couldn’t avoid the feeling that something was wrong with me, so it didn’t take much for people I just…

Moving forward without faith

A path less traveled

Throughout my life, I have been anchored to the concept of an afterlife, a divine intelligence looking out for me, and the idea that there are mysterious forces at work that are beyond human understanding. Now I’m comfortable saying that I’m not so sure about any…


Bringing light to an often dark universe

As a person that has taken an unexplainably difficult path to get a handle on alcohol addiction, I have to disqualify myself from offering anyone advice on recovery. I would never recommend that anyone get here…


Engaging in a solitary battle with an invincible opponent

I developed an extraordinary bond with my son from the time he started learning to talk. Our relationship has always been uncommon, so it was easy to quit drinking again 19 years ago. There was a…

My experience with alcohol and relapse after nearly a lifetime of addiction

Finding sobriety the hard way

I remember coming to, surrounded by my closest circle of people. We were all in the bathroom of my friend’s house, which was a distance from town and a perfect party house because…


Peace loving, multi-racial hippy. 😁

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